The Key to your Home Care Need

Medication Management

Medication management

This Program is beneficial to you or a loved one who takes multiple medications, it is vital to keep prescribed medications and treatments organized, filled and to ensure that each dosage is being taken correctly; this task is typically challenging to aging loved ones to keep track of many medications and or treatments at once.

Eve Homecare Services’ Medication Management service afford you and your family peace of mind This concierge service:

EHCS’ registered nurses (RNs) will meet with a client (and their family members if needed) to review all the medications the client is taking to ensure medication reconciliation as warranted and answer any client’s questions. Our nurses are trained to recognize potential medication side effects or other complications that arise when a client’s medication regimen is altered. Our nurses can be serve as your liaison between you, your healthcare providers, and your pharmacy, to coordinate care and reduce miscommunications.

Meal Preparation

Enjoy a delectably cooked meal prepared to your liking with your needs in mind.

Meal preparation is an essential service that our Home Health Aides provide for the elderly. Depending on the individual’s needs, preferences, and dietary restrictions, meal preparation may include:

The home health aide may be responsible for planning meals based on the senior’s dietary needs and preferences, and then purchasing the necessary groceries.

The home health aide may prepare meals for the senior, taking into account any special dietary requirements, such as low-salt, low-fat, or low-sugar diets

The home health aide may serve the meals and ensure that the senior is comfortable while eating.

The home health aide may clean up the kitchen and dining area after meals.

The home health aide may monitor the senior’s food intake and make note of any changes in appetite or dietary requirements.

The home health aide may store any leftovers in appropriate containers for future consumption.

Meal preparation is crucial because it can help ensure that the elderly receive proper nutrition and maintain their health and well-being


Running errands can be a challenging, time-consuming, and stressful task, EHCS will gladly relieve this burden from you by assisting you or your loved ones with your errands, or if you’d rather that we take care of them for you.

For safety concern at EHCS, we abstain from driving with our clients in the car, but we are readily available to pick up your prescriptions or perform any other errands required along with needed items. We encourage our clients to continuously communicate their errand needs with us, so our caregivers can make the appropriate arrangements.


The constantly mechanical bending to wash and dry clothing especially mobility is of concern, along with carrying a heavy laundry basket can become an exhaustive task. Our caregivers are fully skilled to help you:

The home health aide may collect dirty laundry from the senior’s bedroom and bathroom, as well as any other areas where laundry may accumulate.

The home health aide may use the senior’s washing machine and dryer to wash and dry laundry. Alternatively, they may take the laundry to a laundromat or use a laundry service.

The home health aide may fold and hang clothes once they are dry. They may also iron or steam clothes as needed

The home health aide may put clean clothes away in the senior’s closet or dresser drawers.

The home health aide may monitor the senior’s food intake and make note of any changes in appetite or dietary requirements.

The home health aide may change the bedding on the senior’s bed, including sheets, pillowcases, and blankets

Laundry Services is important because it helps ensure that the senior has clean and well-maintained clothing and linens, which can contribute to their comfort, hygiene, and overall well-being.