The Key to your Home Care Need

Dear Future Nurse

Today you felt a spark when you landed a helping hand to grandpa, a neighbor, and or a stranger, you felt compassion, joy and hope; you’ve experienced these feelings before, but this was different, there’s was this rush of adrenaline that overtook you and overwhelmed your every sense in a good way. Congratulations! You are […]

Preventative Care for Elderly Health: Vaccinations, Screenings, and Check-Ups

What is preventive care from an epidemiologist point of view? From an epidemiologist’s point of view, preventive care refers to measures that are taken to prevent the onset or progression of disease or injury. These measures may be aimed at individuals or at the population level, and may include various strategies such as vaccinations, screenings, […]

Managing Chronic Conditions in the Elderly: A Holistic Approach

Introduction Chronic health conditions are prevalent among the elderly population, with the National Council on Aging reporting that approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic condition, while 68% have two or more. Managing chronic conditions in the elderly is crucial for improving their overall health and quality of life. A holistic approach […]