The Key to your Home Care Need

Dear Future Nurse

Today you felt a spark when you landed a helping hand to grandpa, a neighbor, and or a stranger, you felt compassion, joy and hope; you’ve experienced these feelings before, but this was different, there’s was this rush of adrenaline that overtook you and overwhelmed your every sense in a good way.

Congratulations! You are our future; You Are an Aspiring Nurse! Nurture this feeling in every way as you grow up, I promise you won’t regret it.

Everyday be a giant! Go to school, be studious and practical, love your classmates even the bullies, volunteer your time to help others. Dedicate study time to science classes and focus on your math, you don’t have to be a genius at it, but many lives depend on it so master it the best you can.

Despite the challenges that you ought to face at home, do your best and grow up with a strong head on your shoulders, read and write avidly, it’ll be complimentary to your documentation skills as a nurse and will enhance your critical thinking skills, and most definitely a great asset to your career advancement.

In class ask questions, be very curious especially in anatomy classes, be inquisitive throughout your childhood journey; be responsible at home and in school despite the challenges that you may face, be observant of your surroundings and be discerning of others’ behaviors and be mindful of self-reflection always.

Today the spark you felt helping grandpa, may lead you to Geriatric Nursing where you will take of many others people’s grandpa, it’s a rewarding and highly demanded specialty where you get to nurture many seniors with long-term care and specialized needs; you get to be that familiar and comforting face that sooth them every day, you get to be their advocate, manage their day-to-day care and ensuring that their needs are met.

Regardless of where that spark leads you in your nursing journey, never forget how it started, stay true, genuine and humble of your beginning. Be of good courage! Be resilient! Be strong and enjoy the ride of your calling to greatness! Simply Nurse Eve!

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